Multi Machine Integration 

Make The Meeting More Convenient 

Use projector,smart board,TV,computer,speaker and camera in to one panel


 4K UHD Anti Clare 

Brand Class

On the basis of ultra-high-definition 4Kpanel, with ultra narrow frame. Whether under Android or Windows systems,the powerful image and video performance is pleasant to the eyes


Latest Android 9.0 Version

Provide the latest Android 9.0 version on IFP,leading most IFP operating systems on the market. Enjoy faster processing speed, smoother operation experi ence, more stable and secure system environment


 Poweritul chip 


Equipped with a powerful core processor,it can provide you with high-definition and smooth image quality, which is suitable for teaching and meeting scenes, bringing high-speed and stable operation experience and effective and stable high work efficiency


Make Comnunicafion Easier

Video Conference

Conference Series integrated 4K camera is for video conferencing,. With 8MP resolution,110┬░wide-angle field of view and auto-focus, a high-quality video conference is waiting for you


Intelligent touch and accurate writing 

Conference Series with advanced IR technology sup- ports 20 touch writing simultaneously.2mm writing height and1.5mm writing accuracy ensures instant response and high precision, make writing more smooth and accurate to display on the screen


Restore Your Real Voice 

Built in 4 array microphones, which adopts smart ambient filtration technology, has 10 meters pick up range. So in the process of voice pickup, the human voice can be preserved and the surrounding noise can be eliminated even in large rooms


AC+AF Class 

Guaraniee a Clear Screen Always 

The combination of anti-glare glass and anti-finger print coating not only prevents thescreen from being blurred by fingerprints,dust or grease but also ensures crystal-clear image even in the heavily lighted environment


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